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Short Courses

High impact educational workshops and one-day short courses

Open4Bizness Australia deliver high impact educational workshops as series of 90 mins or one-day short courses. Specifically designed to meet the training needs of business owners and professionals

If you want to learn more about marketing or wish to improve your marketing skills in specific areas, our short courses offer excellent hands on training without having to make a commitment to long, academic-focused courses.

The short courses and workshops are appropriate for people who are new to the online marketing world and wish to boost their training, people working in marketing-rel
ated areas, and marketers who want training to further expand their range of skills (see specific details for workshop and short courses to establish suitability for your marketing training needs).

Our team of trained facilitators and business owners deliver 
practical training throughout the year at various times in Adelaide, regional South Australia and Victoria - Enquiries about running these marketing short courses in-house are welcome and can be directed to

Regional online workshops will be delivered in locations around South Australia and Victoria. We can customise short courses and workshops to topics selected by participants.

Programs and workshops:

    • Online Sales Engineering
    • Online Business Master Class
    • Digital Marketing Essential Plan
    • Create Content that Sells
    • Smooth Sailing - Learn the industry tips & tricks
    • Doing Business Online - Security and Governance
    • One on One Mentoring
    • E-Marketing Campaign Planning
    • Online Entrepreneur Basic

Open4Bizness Australia have a passion for small business and leverage marketing. As Edu-Prenuers, all participants will also gain an understanding of how marketing technology optimises the customer and sales experience.

Offering over 15 years experience running Small Medium Enterprises, they have created a digital platform for small business that will engage new clients, promote your products/services and grow your business online.

Information presented includes case studies, current research, practical hands-on tips and templates. Participants have the opportunity to learn from each other with discussion of experiences encouraged by the facilitator.

Link your sale efforts to your digital marketing investment, from the customer’s first connection with you to the final conversion – no matter how long that process might be? It’s one of the challenges of digital marketing strategy. is an all inclusive digital marketing agency offering free and affordable web based products, training and services to small and medium business owners, whilst maintaining a relaxed, friendly and approachable atmosphere.

For further information about our vocational programs, accredited training, masterclass series and virtual marketing short courses, contact us on 0404 572 507 or email

Courses listed are non accredited programs - Open4Bizness Australia is auspice by Registered Training Organisation Executive Training Group RTO No: 107 108 and Rejuven8 Training and Consulting.